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Pros and cons of dropping the atomic bomb on japan

  1. Japan then surrendered on August 15, days after Nagasaki was bombed and Soviet Union declared war.
  2. Having the atomic bomb and other nations observing its destructive power, peace talks and negotiations quickly began. The reason for the attack was to end World War II, but many people argue that it was completely unnecessary and cruel.
  3. All across the war people where losing their lives in record numbers. Saves Many Lives The aim of the U.
  4. This is why a large majority of people believe that the bombs where only dropped in order to justify the immense spending of this project.
  5. Even if Hiroshima was necessary, the U.

This monumental event caused massive deaths, destroyed the entire city, but it also successfully ended the second world war. The effects of the atomic bomb dropping spread across the entire world, it showed just how powerful these types of weapons can be and the widespread damage that they can cause.

The Pros of Dropping the Atomic Bomb 1.

Avoided Invasion There came a point in the second world war when the United States had to act quickly and effectively to stop the Japanese from causing any further damage to the country.

There were essentially two options, invade and take over, or drop the atomic bomb. They chose to drop the bomb, which in retrospect was a better decision for Japan as a nation.

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropping the Atomic Bomb

Soldiers lost their lives at the hands of the Japanese. All across the war people where losing their lives in record numbers.

The United States was the very first country to complete and successfully develop an Atomic bomb, which sent fear into the government and citizens of countries across the world. This fear helped agreements to be met and the war to be ended, thus saving countless lives all around the world. When the bomb was dropped, they where forced to release these people back to their country, which was an amazing thing because many people did not expect them to come home alive.

Pros and Cons of Dropping the Atomic Bomb

The End of a War Overall, the most significant thing to come out of the dropping of the Atomic bomb was the simple fact that it effectively ended a World War that had killed millions of people all over the globe. The Cons of Dropping the Atomic Bomb 1. The Survivors Suffered After the Atomic bomb was dropped in Japan, the Japanese military feared that there where more bombs to come.

  1. Ended the War It triggered Japan to surrender and ended the war quicker.
  2. A demonstration explosion over Tokyo harbor would have convinced Japan's leaders to quit without killing many people.
  3. To come up with an informed idea on this subject, let us look at the pros and cons of the event. They would go on to mount a death toll of 420,000.
  4. However, the Japanese refused to accept the demands of the Allies for unconditional surrender.

Out of this fear, they took all of the food reserves that they could and left the country, leaving behind millions of people without supplies to live. This caused widespread death because of starvation and sickness in the country.

However, after the Pearl Harbor Attacks, the United States felt that they had no other choice but to drop the bomb.

  • In fact, most of those who are still in support of the bombing tend to be older people;
  • It was considered a war crime;
  • The fact of this matter is that there was a major lack of communication between the allied parties.

They did this without talking to Japan and trying to negotiate peace beforehand. It cost over two billion dollars just to develop! This is why a large majority of people believe that the bombs where only dropped in order to justify the immense spending of this project.

13 Key Pros and Cons of Dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan

Innocent Lives Lost By far, the biggest con of dropping the Atomic bomb is the sheer fact that thousands of lives where lost. People that where just walking to the bus stop, or eating breakfast. No one could escape, no one saw it coming. On top of everything, the few people that did survive suffered from severe injuries and deformities from the additional radiation of the blast.

Important Facts About Dropping the Atomic Bomb A man named Tsutomu Yamaguchi survived the first blast of the Atomic bomb and made it to Nagasaki to find shelter, right when the other bomb was dropped. Fat Man was the code name for the bomb dropped onto Nagasaki.