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Cone and foster dissertations and theses from start to finish

Received 2001 Nov; Accepted 2002 Feb. The myriad of academic departments with such requirements and the health sciences library staff often do not collaborate.

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This brief communication presents a method by which health sciences librarians can effectively reach out to health sciences programs in a collaborative effort that provides student-oriented support. According to Cone, the methods learned in writing a thesis are more important than the subject matter itself [ 1 ]. Defined narrowly, the research, analytical, and organizational skills learned by the students certainly will serve them a lifetime.

But applied more generally, the methods developed, learned, and applied by faculty advisors and library personnel to facilitate student research is equally critical, for without these, many students miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime.

Cone and foster dissertation

At the GSHS, master-level theses are required as capstones of the students' educational experiences. Students need to be well versed with respect to organization, presentation, data gathering and analysis, research, and outcome assessment skills. After completion of an internal review by the HSMP faculty, a meeting was held with library faculty to review the shortcomings of the existing program.

Faculty advisors cited the following specific concerns: The ultimate objective was to develop a student-oriented program to overcome the perceived shortcomings and ultimately result in stronger thesis submissions.

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Psychology and Related Fields [ 34 ]. The techniques used for this session were lecture and role-playing. The purpose of the Web bibliography was to make the research process more portable for students with ready links to specific Internet sites. The seminar was repeated in October 1999 and January 2001. At each of the sessions, attendees received a pretest to assess current skills e.

Dissertation and theses from start to finish psychology and related fields

The qualitative responses were enthusiastic; it was clear that the students welcomed direction and assistance. As part of the collaboration, library staff developed a cohesive Web package, termed Smart Start [ 5 ]. The package included all of the material and handouts delivered at the session. Library staff also upgraded HSMP thesis records 1990— in the library's online catalog, identified model theses since 1999 to enable quick searching, and created paper notebooks of title pages for casual browsing of topics.

The Website continues to be updated anticipating student needs, based on responses from the pretests as well as HSMP program changes. Figure 1 highlights the components of the Web package.