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Common problems faced when developing applications for mobile devices

Now that smartphones are so widely used, more and more development companies are investing money into mobile app development to take advantage of surging demand. With the success of any number of mobile apps whether they be social media related, games or lifestyle apps, more innovators and new companies are emerging to try to get a piece of the pie, many of who may consider being successful in this industry to be straightforward.

In reality however this is not the case, as mobile app developers face any number of challenges from developing and designing the app itself, to getting it released and marketing it effectively. Choosing The Right App to Develop One of the initial biggest challenges is deciding which direction to take and to figure out exactly what to develop. There is a great deal of competition in the already very crowded mobile app industry and it is getting tougher for an app to stand out and get noticed.

App developers are under constant pressure to create innovative apps that people actually want and get something out of. Determining the quality of an idea means asking some of the following questions โ€” What purpose does the app serve and what is its function?

Is the idea original and will it stand out?

10 Biggest Challenges Faced by Mobile App Developers

Is the app easy for other developers to emulate? What is the target market or market size for the app? What is the price of the app? Coming up with an idea that is simple, productive and in demand can sound easy, but this is rarely the case. A Competitive, Overcrowded Market As mentioned earlier, competition is fierce, with hundreds of thousands of mobile apps trying to stand out from the crowd. Catering to users that have shorter attention spans than ever before only makes things more tricky.

App developers need to figure out what are the triggers for their target market and what they want. App developers must understand what appeals their highest lifetime value CLV users โ€” that is, those who are more likely to spend and spread the word about your product with their friends and family.

App developers need to delve deeper to figure out how they can keep users more engaged for longer. Clearly Defining The Target Market From the business or monetization perspective of mobile app development, it is imperative to outline a definitive target market. But it is easier said than done as only defining the target market will not suffice; making sure that market is large enough to provide a revenue stream is a significant prerequisite as well.

To do so, the company should monitor metrics such as installs and downloads, costs to acquire customers CACaverage session lengths, average revenue per user ARPUetc.

It means finding a pure analytics solution, and effectively managing this can be a real challenge! Managing Finances and Adequate Funds You may have a killer app idea, but to turn that idea into something real and marketable, significant capital is required. How to get the money and manage the finances can be a problem for some developers. If one cannot find the right investors to invest in an app idea, there are several other ways to raise funds.

Some of these include taking out a loan, angel investors from family or friends, and joint venture companies, all of which can be effective.

  1. Alfresco , MobileIron and AirWatch are some examples.
  2. The need for mobile app content is ever growing. The best approach can be meeting the optimum security norms, creating a secure customer usage space and protecting data, user credentials and financial transactions.
  3. The solution here is Responsive Design for apps. Creating Apps which Get Noticed.
  4. There is a great deal of competition in the already very crowded mobile app industry and it is getting tougher for an app to stand out and get noticed. Consider interactions well in advance to save time during the design phase.

Crowdfunding via platforms like Kickstarter and AppBackr or app contests can also be a way to make a start. However, the main challenge lies in managing funds effectively to get the most out of them and produce an app that provides a return on investment. Development Technology The obvious and core technical challenge of developing an app is choosing the best suitable development technology for the app and deciding on whether to make a Native, Hybrid or Cross platform mobile application.

  • There have been a lot of challenges along the way;
  • There is a great deal of competition in the already very crowded mobile app industry and it is getting tougher for an app to stand out and get noticed;
  • There is a great deal of competition in the already very crowded mobile app industry and it is getting tougher for an app to stand out and get noticed;
  • Aim at providing a wholesome experience;
  • Feel free to add to the above list in the comments section below.

A bit of research reveals that there are hundreds of articles online that compare the three mobile app development technologies by pitting them against each other. One can easily gain a good understanding of the respective advantages and disadvantages offered by each of the platforms But choosing the one that make the most sense for a given project can be difficult, as app developers often look for a one-size-fits-all solution. An uninformed decision in choosing the development technology can result in over-expenditure, poor app performance, and lacklustre user experience.

Designing and developing an app for only a select few devices and screen sizes is simply not an option.

1. Choosing The Right App to Develop

The principal challenge is to develop an app that can run fluidly across as many devices with as many screen sizes as possible. The solution here is Responsive Design for apps. Responsive App Design gives screens more flexibility and thus can be adjusted to suit different screen sizes and various formats. Developers have to consider different Operating Systems as well. App developers require to conduct bug fixing on a regular basis across all three.

Preparation with a marked testing phase is recommended to deal with technical OS issues.

Common Problems Faced When Developing Applications for Mobile Devices

Developers can also release a beta version of the app to develop on later with regular updates. Mobile App Promotion and Marketing One thing is to design and develop an app, and another is the promotion of that app. This is challenging and testing for many mobile developers on a totally different level and usually requires some business and market savvy to be successful.

  • In other words, is there a market for the app you are developing?
  • Too many visual effects, integrated sensors, images or anything else requiring high temporary buffer and flooding your cache might lead to a bad or disruptive performance;
  • Where will the app be sold?
  • But when working on it, we had so many new ideas every day that time flew by;
  • But its performance and the energy used for this are the other side.

App developers define the following as the top challenges and goals for app marketing: App developers often resort to ASO app store optimization or turn to ad networks to drive app installs and traffic, all the while dealing with the concern of whether the expenditure to acquire users is exceeding the money actually coming in.

Security Security issues can be a nagging concern for mobile developers. There is a lot of work required to address such app security issues, which consumes a great deal of time and money. Apple provides developers with strict guidelines for iOS app development, but unfortunately no such instructions are officially available for Android apps.

Unless proper security measures are complied, the lapse in security can lead to information misuse and manipulation, poor user experience, and scarce app adoption. Researchers from an US based software technologies firm has discovered around 40 google play store apps and more than 400 apps of third-party app stores to be infected with DressCode malware โ€” which generates ad clicks and false traffic to some website without users consent.

Top 10 Challenges in Designing Mobile Apps

With so many operating systems and device variants being prevalent, ensuring security around devices and applications can be a daunting task. The best approach can be meeting the optimum security norms, creating a secure customer usage space and protecting data, user credentials and financial transactions.

  1. There is no way of knowing the market size for different categories or which category is trending globally. Fortunately there are a lot of resources out there on the internet.
  2. A fast, responsive, reliable and structured app working well in such an environment is better than a nice looking, super aesthetic, but instable or buggy app.
  3. Approach your social circle, apply for loans, ask friends and relatives and look for joint venture companies which invest in such apps.

App Distribution Control The software or app distribution to the device can be a problem for developers as there is no direct or shared control of the distribution. And even then, the developers have to make sure that their apps seamlessly work on the many different software platforms and hardware configurations.