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Attitudes toward technology in huxleys brave new world and the modern world

Brave New World – Aldous Huxley Essay

One of his most important aims when writing this book was science and scientific progress in the world which was exceedingly speeding up. The society in the Brave New World is very much focused on progress. They believe in making technological devices that would help their lives become free of danger and all worries.

This is very similar to our very own modern world because they have been able to make scientific advancements the improve everyday life and make it easier and easier. The second main theme in Brave New World is the attitude toward history. It helped me understand the book better because it told me that the citizens in the book had never heard of wars, rebellion, art, literature, or other things of that kind.

  • Even as a small child he was considered different, showing an alertness and an intelligence, which his brother called superiority 1;
  • Except, the state wanted to remember the past because they were smart and had taken over the world pretty much.

It also explained the relationship between the characters and our real life past. Except, the state wanted to remember the past because they were smart and had taken over the world pretty much.

  • This pessimistic story of the modern world opens in London some 600 years in the future, specifically in 632 A;
  • Undoubtedly, his ancestry and the environment he was raised up in, influenced him in creating this novel;
  • John was unable to accept life founded on conformity and the pleasure principle;
  • In this satiric novel, Huxley makes fun of science and religion, using his idea of the future to attack the present.

The third is the Totalitarian system and how critical it was to Huxley while he was writing this book. The political system in Brave New World is similar to communism and dictatorship in that every aspect of daily life is controlled, except that the people are given the most happy, pleasurable life possible, or at the least what they thought was a happy life.

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Huxley had lived in three different types of governments including fascism, communism, and capitalism and disagreed with all three types. This influenced him greatly in the writing of this book.

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The fourth theme in the essay talked about how control over mass leads to no individuality and that leads to no freedom. The state feels that they have achieved complete stability because they can breed humans and reproduce them with science.

However, there is no real identity in the Utopian world, the people in the world are not intelligent enough to understand or go against the system of oppression, and they all do the same things and cannot think for themselves.

The whole world goes through behavioral, personality, and habit systems as kids so that they are essentially brainwashed and play into the system the state wants.

Thinking is practically banned from society. Real happiness, feelings, and truth are also themes in The Brave New World because human relationships are very vital to the Utopian world and their ideas about emotions and that they are really happy when they have the emotions of sex and that pleasure running through them.

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The Savage blames them for doing things too easily, for avoiding problems and not facing them. Soma is a very useful drug for the society of Brave New World. John in the end of the book claims that he is unhappy and would rather live an unhappy life than a superficial one.