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What makes a good substitute teacher essay

  • I was a financial analyst, a sales analyst, a sales manager, a financial manager, a human resources manager, a customer service manager, and an Executive Director at some of the most profitable companies in America;
  • The impression you leave follows you;
  • But you are going to learn from them and get better as time goes on;
  • It's a way to impart special skills you have obtained through advanced degrees or years of business experience;
  • You have to assume that no one will guide you or help you.

Be the best substitute teacher you can be! Learn how with these great tips. These are people who, trained in the educational arts, take the job in order to practice teaching while waiting for a full-time position to open or to enjoy being in the educational field without being tied down full-time.

  • But you can offer safety and security to parents who place the welfare of their children in your hands;
  • They use the worksheets as fillers;
  • All the primary teachers at one school I work for purchased from the dollar store a series of workbooks for their grade levels;
  • What you include in that binder depends on the grade levels you are certified to teach and the subjects you will be encountering on your assignments.

That description is coming from a full-time teacher. I admire substitutes and all they strive to do. It can be a scary job at first, no doubt. Below are tips to help you be successful as a substitute teacher.

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Before you even go into classrooms, you should create a substitute binder full of master copies of worksheets and activities to bring with you to every assignment.

What you include in that binder depends on the grade levels you are certified to teach and the subjects you will be encountering on your assignments.

  1. Brush Up on Classroom Management. If you have down time you are opening the door to management problems.
  2. Despite all the careful preparation, there are times when we make behavior management mistakes because we do not know what we should do. The purpose of this article is to provide you, current and potential substitute teachers, some guidance as to what you can expect in various situations and suggestions of what you should consider when you substitute teach.
  3. For sure you will be tempted to yell, threaten, and maybe, even cry... If there is time, deliver a little of your own.

For grades K-2, you can have coloring pages, connect the dots, picture bingo or letter practice sheets. For grades 3-6, you can have sentence completion sheets, simple math problem sheets, vocabulary bingo, simple crossword puzzles, mad libs or simple science activities. Brush Up on Classroom Management. Before you step into any classroom, you should brush up on classroom management skills.

The Advantages of Being a Substitute Teacher

It will be really handy to know and even practice ways to handle a class full of potentially rowdy students. For more tips, visit: Effective Classroom Management Tips. Nothing irked me more as a teacher to see a substitute walk in with street clothes that were completely inappropriate for school. If you want to be recognized as a professional by colleagues and students, dress like one.

A mini skirt, low cut top and sky high heels is never appropriate for teaching, nor are pants that ride so low your underpants can be seen with an overly wrinkled top.

Suitable clothing for school can be found almost anywhere at an affordable price. Arrive Early and Know Your Surroundings. When you are called for an assignment, try to get there at least 30 minutes early which I know sometimes is impossible if you are called late in the morning. If not, call the main office to ask if there are any emergency plans kept on file in my school, we were required to have emergency plansseating charts, etc.

Also become familiar with seating charts, any rules posted in the classroom, the fire what makes a good substitute teacher essay procedure It happens! You need to be prepared. Greet the students at the door or at the front of the classroom.

You give them the expectations you want them to follow in a friendly manner. If they are not, remind them in a stern and steady voice what they should be doing. Start the class right away.

Substitute Teachers Deserve More Respect

Students can be savvy little creatures. Go right into the lesson plan or activity, telling them what is going to happen transitioning. The likelihood of them returning at the end of class to ask those questions?

Try to follow the lesson as closely as possible and stick to the daily schedule. Hopefully the teacher has left easy to read and follow lesson plans that include the expected outcomes, opening activities, lesson activities and closure activities.

Stick to them as closely as possible. There will be someone in the class who will want to help. Chances are there will be plenty of eager helpers ready to save the day. The idea is to keep the flow of instruction from one day to another. Students thrive on a consistent schedule.