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The time machine by h g wells essay

Hire Writer Then the ultimate best which has been made will be perfectly adapted to their environment but, bringing degeneration into context, once everything is there and nothing needs to be done or is already done for them they will start to retreat in generation, so it is weak and vulnerable.

Darwinism and degeneration is how the Elois and Morlocks were brought into the context. The Elois had evolved from the higher status; the people who rarely worked and had everything done for them by servants. Both sexes had combined to form androgyny.

They all wore the same, like a uniform.

The Time Machine, H. G. Wells - Essay

As at the moment we have increased in size dramatically from earlier years, degeneration has shown that they in fact have shrunk to a height of only four foot. They had the wit and common sense of five-year-olds. Their language and speech was extremely difficult to understand and probably confusing as they spoke by cooing and laughter which had a bubbly sound to it.

Due to their weakness they were easily fatigued. The Morlocks had evolved from the lower class. Unlike most animals they had eyes which could only see in the dark.


This is probably because when the book was being written the lower class worked in factories and never saw the light of day. It was constantly dark with maybe a small dull torch and as the underground was being constructed at the time so the Morlocks home was probably set to that scene.

  • Unlike most animals they had eyes which could only see in the dark;
  • The light from the match scared the Morlocks away, then he made an escape back to the surface.

The Elois and Morlocks could be the personification of good and evil. We must remember that the Elois are vegetarians; friendly to animals, the Morlocks are cannibals; savage beasts who feast on each other. This means that due to the people we communicate with, we place ourselves in different groups.

Essay: The Time Machine

These groups slowly form together which evolve to what our descendants will be placed in, in generations to come. Wells uses scientific names of people, objects, and places, which makes the story more believable. If throughout the story Wells had been vague in descriptions it would be a lot more difficult to make the audience — in the book — believe that the story was fictional.

At the beginning of the story we meet the time traveller in what is described as a house. He seemed quite late which was probably due to the fact that it took a few pages of the book before the Time Traveller was mentioned in person.

This time was taken up with the audience discussing their dinner arrangements. The time traveller started eating before he began telling the story. He ate meat probably because he could not have any in 802,701 as he was a friend of the Eloi, the vegetarians.

From the description in the book I imagined rich, royal red, tall backed chairs. The props were used to add atmosphere. Although while reading through the book it seems there is lots of detailed description. To make the story more realistic the time traveller uses names of scientists and mentions the New York Mathematical society.

He uses these names like he knows them, making it seem more realistic. The fourth dimension is used in this a lot. I found it difficult to imagine a fourth dimension because I know two dimensional is the time machine by h g wells essay, three the time machine by h g wells essay stands out but I do not know which dimension is missing to call the fourth. The speed in which the small model of the time machine is described to the explanation of the real time machine moves rapidly which leaves the reader no time to question, find any enigma codes in the passage or find fault in the machine.

As there is no time for the reader to question the logic, they will accept what is happening in the novel. If the readers can suspend disbelief for the theory of the original model then they would not think to doubt the larger version of the machine. Due to this, the book seems yet more believable. The fact is the Time Traveller was one of those men who are to clever to be believed. The narrator still wanted him to know he believed the tale of 802,701 slightly.

The narrator was cunning though by not remarking this thoughts on the legend but still acting appreciative towards the time traveller. Wells makes the audience in the book seems conceited probably so we pity him, this lures us into a trap. Another way of making the readers believe the story. This book is so overwhelming it is difficult, even if it was genuine, to believe.

I found it interesting how a fictional book can portray a non-fictional book with such positive results. The best part of the book had to be the climax. Pretending these species would be my family in 800,700 years time, wondering what their lifestyles would be?

Whether they would be Elois or Morlocks?

  • His anxiousness made him go to another time unprepared, nothing with him but a package of matches;
  • Wells, as well as being a well-known English novelist, was also a sociologist, a historian and a scientist, and his style of writing showed this.

All this made me want to read on. The story started becoming less realistic. Everything I had previously dreamt of became extinct. The cliff hanger at the end disappointed me as I wanted to know what would happen to the time traveller when he returned to the year 802,701. How to cite this page Choose cite format: