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The syrian revolution an annotated bibliography essay

To keep up with the rapid changing political events, more recent publications have been prioritized during the selection process. The literature has been retrieved by manually browsing more than 200 core and periphery sources in the field of Terrorism Studies. Additionally, full-text and reference retrieval systems have been employed to expand the search. All websites were last visited on 22. This subject bibliography is conceptualized as a multi-part series for earlier bibliographies, see: Part 1 and Part 2.

To avoid duplication, this compilation only includes literature not contained in the previous parts. However, meta-resources, such as bibliographies, were also included in the sequels. Bibliographies and other Resources Adelson, Samuel 2013, May: Annotated Bibliography for Syria. Model Arab League Research Resources.

Insights from Regime and Opposition Media in Syria. A Resource Guide to the Syrian Conflict. Preserving Documentation of Human Rights Violations. A Syria Reading List. The Syrian Civil War. From Chechnya to Syria: Syrian Studies Association Bulletin. Literature on the Conflict in Syria 2011 — November 2013. Perspectives on Terrorism, 7 6137-165. Conflict in Syria Part 2.

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The syrian revolution an annotated bibliography essay

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