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The rebetiko and greek folk music media essay

  • The refugee musician Stratos Payioumdzis, for example, recorded both rebetika songs and amanedhes, and other refugees moved between one style and another, although the orchestration of the two remained distinct;
  • What we did have was many foreign films for example, from Egypt and India , and stories from travelers, including several of my uncles who had moved to Iraq for work contracts;
  • Soon well-known composers of rebetika—like Kaldaras, Chiotis, Klouvatos—started to write songs tailored to Stelios powerful voice and this created a further shift in rebetika music;
  • It's a reference to "Eastern dance", which traditionally is translated into English as "Oriental dance".

When he then goes on, with his Bucovina Club Orkestar, to bring the entire stage to life, moulding global sounds into compact, anarchic hymns, eclecticism and escapism no longer seem so very far apart.

The Kiez is Alright. Disko Devil Shantel is on the case.

  1. They are usually romantic love songs.
  2. Other instruments heard on rebetiko recordings include. Lyrics Like several other urban subcultural musical forms such as the blues, flamenco, fado, bal-musette and tango, rebetiko grew out of particular urban circumstances.
  3. It had more in common, indeed, with what could legitimately be called traditional Greek music than it did with European, but it came at a time when many bourgeois Greeks looked to Europe for their cultural models.
  4. Pagioumtzis mid-1930 In 1936, the 4th of August Regime under Ioannis Metaxas was established and with it, the onset of censorship.

Viva Diaspora is bold, risky and self-assured: Viva Diaspora is an album that sounds like a road movie — cinema for the ears! Athens Spring 2015 For the past couple of years, Shantel has been commuting between his home base in Frankfurt and his newly adopted home of Athens to meet like-minded people, make music, and experiment. The sound is clear — it is a greeting sent far beyond the boundaries of Greece and Turkey towards the Orient.

Areti sang as a teenager at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Athens, seen and heard on TV by millions of viewers. In Athens, two artists meet as equals and find common cause. Shantel and Areti share a love of rembetiko in its original form: Rembetiko, the disparaged Blues of the Greek underdogs and wastrels, has always fascinated Shantel.

Aptaliko. GR

Although rembetiko was banned by the government and its musicians thrown into jail, it survived as the sound of protest against the Greek military dictatorship. Lunch Later in the morning, it is time to seek fortification in a kafenion.

The groove is mid-tempo, the tone of the instruments Byzantine or Levantine, sprinkled with HipHop beats. They agree to go into the studio later and put their ideas down on tape. But first comes lunch with Greek electronica pioneer Imam Baildi. As with the Frankfurt Bucovina Club sound, there is a marriage of analogue, digital, traditional and avant-garde.

The studios were fitted out with the latest analogue technology in the 1970s and are still in their original state. In the Athens studio, Shantel gathers 25 more musicians to join Areti Ketime — all of them playing important traditional Greek instruments.

Words in Song Lyrics and Other Dance-Related Terms

EastWest - Dysi ki Anatoli has a Byzantine-Oriental sound that goes to the very roots of Greek music and still remains danceable. Shantel manages with consummate ease to build a bridge between Greece, the Middle East and the rest of Europe.

Sweet bouzouki tones are replaced by the Fender Mustang E-guitar, expanding the palette of diverse Oriental sounds. What we hear is a sound that could come from anywhere between Athens and Beirut, and a line-up tailor-made for the Berlin to Baghdad party train. It is a neighbourhood teeming with students, graffiti artists, anarchists, bohemians, instrument makers, eco-oil producers, diy-shops and clubs.

This is still a city with contrasting areas, many of which have been used very creatively of late. All on board for the flight to Frankfurt, touchdown in the Bahnhofsviertel, where it all began 30years ago.

Frankfurt is the launchpad for his worldwide travels. It is the most international and currently the fastest growing city in Germany. Internationality was always writ large here — whether in trade and commerce or in living side by side with immigrants: Today, the city has the highest proportion of foreign residents in Germany.

It was in the legendary Bahnhofsviertel district of Frankfurt that Shantel began his musical career — as eclectic then as it is now.

His intuition is legend. He knows how to read the dancefloor: Matseleh, Bagels, Strudel, washed down with strong cardamom-spiced coffee. I'm excited to hear what this sounds like as a full album - the songs are well produced and the vocals are really great. I like the combination of genres throughout the record. I've played music with a local Reggae band, and I'm feeling some similar influences with your music.

The conversation with Scott focuses on the question of how the mastering process can achieve the right balance between acoustic production and instruments as well as subtly introduced digital technology and electronic sounds.

Jamaican DJ Kool Herc is the founding pioneer of HipHop culture, which blazed a trail in the 70s from the Bronx, then throughout New York and across the country, until it engulfed the entire globe.

Brooklyn was the birthplace of the first internationally successful rapping crew Beastie Boys and the fusion of Reggae and House Bobby Konders. After all, the legendary Babylon Club in Istanbul — one of the hottest and most atmospheric places in town — is already waiting for the Disko Devil who has been playing there for more than 10 years. This is where the circle closes — the circle of a production that Shantel regards as a homage to the youth of southern Europe. Its battle cry, when everything goes pear-shaped is: The music surfs smoothly between the worlds, unleashing a whole new energy.

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