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Essays on the negro artist and the racial mountain

Two things before I get to the main point. Why trying to hid who you really are? Your art must be true to yourself. So, if you are a woman, or black, or anything else- that will show in your art. You should not worry about whether it will show or not.

Langston Hughes: The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain

We all know what default human is. To be a poet as the opposite of Negro poet is to be white male poet. White males are group of individuals like any other. That should be noted and remembered. Artists are people of a certain gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, political views, sexual preference- and all of that will show in their work; but artists are individuals and their work is unique to them.

To me, it implies that black writers and woman writers are not writers in general sense of the word. I am a writer well, an amateur one. I am also a woman, and I live on the Balkans. I do not write about the stereotypically female subjects, or stereotypically Balkan subjects, not at all.

I do not write about those things. Same goes for black writers and artists. A good example is Toni Morrison, one of my favourite writers.

  • And they are not ashamed of him—if they know he exists at all;
  • Remembered primarily as a pioneer of jazz poetry, Hughes also wrote several plays, novels, short stories and essays;
  • The Portable Harlem Renaissance reader;
  • Upper and middle class blacks have distanced themselves from their African heritage because of their upbringing and thus have an appreciation of white culture over black culture;
  • His family is of what I suppose one would call the Negro middle class;
  • And the Negro dancers who will dance like flame and the singers who will continue to carry our songs to all who listen—they will be with us in even greater numbers tomorrow.

He made very clear points and I love his work. I want to first say that that I didnt read all of the comments, but i glanced through many; which means i may repeat something that has already been said. I just want to say something quick because i am so busy right now. But let me say that i just dont see the poem as in a sense saying that anything was stolen from African Americans.

Which doesnt mean everyone else that does see this theme in this poem is wrong. But I see it for saying, like others did, be who you are.

Know that being black is beautiful. We have gifts and talents just like everyone else. And i must admit, we let our talents shine. But what i do want to point out is during Hughes time Blacks werent know for being good at anything. WE had to first get out there. Heck for so long whites pretended to be us in order to pretray what talents we have, ex. We had to be est.

Heck look at all black invented and still somethings we still have gotten credit for. We should not be ashamed of who and what we are. Now on the other hand. Lables do affect us.

The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain

I see lable for situational purposes. It depends on the situation. For example, would you rather be a the best women writer, the best black women writer or the best writer period…. Sure maybe we want to be great artists but would we want to be only one of the great black artists or one of the greatest artist of all time period.

  • In this particular style, he does not want to convey formalistically-correct grammar, it is rather to convey the right emotions;
  • I just want to say something quick because i am so busy right now;
  • After this exercise, I had realized something that could be helpful for those who would want to write or endeavor in any form of expression.

However labels only work for certain people. They didnt have to work as hard to accomplish rights and equality. But blacks did, women did,…. I just think most times things depend.

The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain Essay

Often we have to look at things through the poets eyes. But sense we cant most times, We argue and do this. An artist is someone that can create art from their own aspiration. What would be the point to be an artist if I want to be someone else? And she wrote in black vernacular.