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Essay on home made food is best

Depend on situation, people eat out or eat home-made food.

  • Depend on situation, people eat out or eat home-made food;
  • It can prolong our lives and improve our state of mind and mood.

I think that, eating home-made food is better than eating out in restaurants or food stands because of following reasons; it can make me healthier and I can save my money and time. Firstly, I prefer eat home because of my healthy life.

Essay about fast food and homemade food

Actually I am on a diet which means I have to control my calories. If I eat dinner out, I cannot control my calories, moreover, restaurants serve too much amount of food better than I can eat. I can easily overeat. Also, I can make my own dish with organic vegetables or antibiotic meat when I cook at home. However, if I go to the restaurant, I can not.

The importance of Homemade Cooking

They usually use chemical indigents to allure customers and to make better taste. I prefer the healthy foodyet it could be less delicious than restaurant food.

  • There are many health benefits of homemade meals and snacks;
  • Apart from these, home made meals are more nutritious, and are also low in fats;
  • At home, when cooking for ourselves, we can ensure that what goes into our meals is not bad for us;
  • Moreover, such food is natural and good for your health;
  • If I have dinner out, it usually takes 30 dollars for each person.

Secondly, home-made food can save my money. If I have dinner out, it usually takes 30 dollars for each person. I know that I can buy a lot of grocery stuffs with same amount of money.

Fast food and homemade food Essay

I can prepare 3 times meals with 30 dollars. Moreover, it can save my time. If I make dinner at home, it only take from 30 minutes to one hour. On the other hand, if I eat outside, it takes a lot of time, such as, driving time, waiting time, and serving time.

IELTS Band 7 essay sample: Eating home-cooked food is better than eating out

Of course I can save my gas if I have dinner at home. I am sure that eat dinner out is convenient, and sometimes more delicious.

  1. Give reasons and examples to support your choice.
  2. Give reasons and examples to support your choice. Homemade food also has a lot of strong points which could make it more attractive.
  3. A healthy lifestyle stipulates eating food with specific nutritional value. I am passionate about healthy cooking, I think there is no other way to eat healthy than homemade-cooking.
  4. I can easily overeat.
  5. We can control the amount of salt we use and we can balance our diet to suit our own individual needs. At home, you are sure of the quantity, quality, nd neatness of the coo king oil.

However, eating homemade food is better option because it can be helpful for my losing weight and save my money. In addition, you should try to use complex sentences.

  • The first and most important reason why homemade meals are good for health is that homemade meals are neat and clean;
  • None of these can be done at a restaurant;
  • Fresh homemade juices can also be taken to the work place apart from drinking carbonated beverages;
  • Many restaurants also use oil containing unhealthy trans-fats.

All the sentences that u used were simple and too short, and you may lose mark because of that. Another significant point is that you should write an essay by passive sentences. A lot of house wives work or participate their.