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Stories from around the world telling of the beginning of creation

The Logics of Myth The basic patterns and structures of myths in general, and creation myths in particular. Discussion on what constitutes a myth and what the rules are for its form and content. Six criteria are used to decide what is and what is not a myth, and these criteria also define the necessary structure of it. There are two kinds of myth: As for the former, there are additional rules regarding dramaturgy and time-space dimensions.

Click the header to read about it. Jung on myths and their origins. Both pioneers of psychoanalysis wrote extensively about myth and its significance in human culture, speculating quite daringly about how myth emerges and what can be learned about our past and our present from it.

Freud was particularly interested in myths about the appearance of gods and men, whereas Jung saw a pattern of archetypes in every myth of whatever content. This text is on my personal website stenudd. Click the header to go there. Myth of Creation Introduction to the nature of creation myths, their structure and the thoughts behind them.

Exploring the World's Creation Myths

This is a short article explaining my angle on creation myths, their structure, meaning, and what can be learned from them about human thinking in the distant past as well as the present. The text is on my personal website stenudd. Cosmos of the Ancients What the Greek philosophers wrote on myth and cosmology. The legendary philosophers of Ancient Greece pondered the gods and the origin of the world at depth.

If you dig deep enough, say scientists, you can find some truth to legends and creation stories

Although they lived in a time when the gods were feared and worshipped as if very real indeed, most of them doubted their existence - at least in the way the gods were portrayed in mythology.

The Greek philosophers had alternative views on cosmos and the divine, being much more similar to present day understanding of such matters. Here, the cosmological ideas of each one of the Greek philosophers is presented and compared. The texts are on my personal website stenudd. Life Energy Ideas There are countless examples of life energy ideas in the many cultures of the world, from the dawn of human civilization to the present. I've gathered all these concepts and similar ones it took a few yearslisting them in a little Life Energy Encyclopedia.

Ten Ancient Stories and the Geological Events That May Have Inspired Them

There are indeed many near-synonyms to the life energy concept, as we know it from the Latin spiritus, the Greek pneuma, the Indian prana, the Chinese qi or chiand so on. But here are also many concepts that have been regarded as examples of a life energy, although at closer examination it's clear that they are not. Beliefs from distant times and cultures are not that easy to comprehend, so we frequently fall into the trap of expecting them to be exact counterparts to ideas of our own past.

That's far from always the case. Those concepts that are indeed examples of a life energy, though, show several similarities - but still some significant differences, which help us to understand the life energy idea in the mind of man.

The texts are on my website devoted to life energy ideas.