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Book report on sunset of the sabertooth

Jack and Annie soon discovered that the tree house was magic. It could take them to the places in the books. All they had to do was to point to a picture and wish to go there. Morgan was a magical librarian. Jack and Annie also found a note from Morgan. The note told them that she was under a spell. To free her, Jack and Annie must find four special things. Now Jack and Annie and Peanut are about to set out in search of the third thing. He gave up on the idea of changing out of his bathing suit.

He moved through patches of sunlight and shadow. Soon he came to a small clearing. The magic tree house in the tallest tree in the woods. Finally they reached the tree house. Jack stared at the large M into the wooden floor. All of them were closed.

  • The elk, reindeer, rhino, and bison moved along with them, at a distance;
  • He found a picture of a cave filled with bones;
  • Under a cliff was a wide ledge.

Only one book lay open in the corner. They walked over to the open book. They looked at the page the book was opened to. It showed a picture of rocks and snow. The wind started to blow. The leaves started to shake.

The tree house started to spin.

It spun faster and faster! Then everything was silent. Bones Jack,Annie,and Peanut looked outside. Snow was faling from a grey sky.

The grove was on a wide, white plain. Beyond the plain were high, rocky cliffs. She wrapped her towel tightly around her. Annie slipped Peanut into the pocket of the backpack. There was no sign of the Pennsylvania book that always took them home. Annie peered out the window again. Jack picked up the open book and read the title on the cover. Two big figures and two little ones-all holding long spears. Jack found a picture of some people.

He read the caption to Annie: Early modern humans were called Cro-Magnons. During the late Ice Age in Europethey sometimes lived in caves beneath cliffs.

Jack turned the page. He found another picture of the Cro-Magnons.

The Cro-Magnon family often hunted together. They covered deep pits with branches. Then they drove reindeer and mammoths into the traps.

  • Peanut climbed up, too;
  • In the hollow of each was gooey white stuff and a pile of moss;
  • Jack picked up his lamp and book.

They watched the family disappear over the other side of the cliff. Jack put his book away. Jack pulled on his pack and started down the rope ladder. On the icy fround, they huddled together. The wind was biting. Jack put his towel over his head. Annie wrapped her towel around her head. She and Jack started across the white plain. But the wind was blowing hard. Annie pointed to an opening in he rocks-a cave.

They run to it. They stepped carefully into the shadowy cave.

  1. Next to the mango from the rain forest. It attacked humans as well as woolly mammoths and other large animals.
  2. He paused and glanced at the mouse.
  3. They pranced gracefully across the snow.

It was only slightly warmer inside. In the gray light, they stemped the snow off their sneakers. Annie took off her goggles. Jack pulled out the Ice Age book. Jack stood by the entrance so he could read the book.

Jack turned the pages of his book. He found a picture of a cave filled with bones. Jack read the writing below the picture of the cave.

The great cave bears of the Ice Age were over eight feet tall. Their caves were filled with the bones of their ancestors.

They were in the cave of a great cave bear! He put his book quietly into his pack. He stepped deeper into the cave.

Jack stepped on the bones. The wet dog smell grew stronger. He kept going, deeper into the smelly blackness. He ran into something. Jack heard a low, deep moaning.

Magic Tree House: Sunset of the Sabertooth

It was loud, then soft. A booming snore shattered the air. Jack and Annie ean through the cave, over the bones, and out into the falling snow. They kept on going.

They ran between fallen rocks and under jagged cliffs. Finally they stopped and turned around. All they could see was snow and rocks and their own footprints. Annie huddled close to Jack. The cold wind blew against Jack bare legs. Annie pointed to something behind Jack.

Under a cliff was a wide ledge. Under the ledge was another cave. Only this cave seemed to have a golden glow. This one looked cozy and safe and warm. Cave Kids Jack and Annie crept to the cave and peeked inside.

A small flame danced from a bed of glowing coals. Near the fire were knives, axes, and hollowed-out stones. Animal skins were neatly stacked against the wall. Jack and Annie moved quickly to the fire and warmed their hands. Jack pulled out his Ice Age book. He found a picture of a cave.

Cro-Magnons made many things from animals, plants, and stone. They made flute-like musical instruments from mammoth bones. They made ropes by braiding plant fibers. They made axes and knives from stone. Jack pulled out his notebook and pencil.