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An overview of the real life rounders

Though we haven't played much since the nickel-dime-quarter, winner-buys-the-beer days of college, the juices still start flowing every time we see "Rounders. A realistic depiction of life as a full-time poker hustler player? Worm Edward Norton is a risk-taker, in contrast to Mike, whose instinct is to grind it out in the true "rounder" fashion. Worm is completely comfortable with who he is in a deep, conscious, philosophic sense. He accepts and declares that the game for him is not poker but the hustle, and he loves it.

Real Life Rounders-Matt Damon vs Erik Seidel

Read his thoughts on the movie, and the game. They describe going to a club in Manhattan: It's Billy Mops, and he runs the joint. Though we've been here a dozen times, his face remains blank.

  • As a result of Mike returning to his poker lifestyle and friends, and worried that Mike will lose everything a second time, Jo ends her relationship with Mike, refusing to go through that turmoil again;
  • You can count on one foot the number of poker hands that we see from start to finish;
  • Shaken and distraught, Mike decides to quit poker and decides to concentrate on law school, while promising his girlfriend and fellow law student Jo Gretchen Mol that he will no longer play;
  • Brian Mulholland wrote about the English-only rule last year in Card Player magazine;
  • This is a very classic example of a disclaimer, and many amateurs do this;
  • But I could be wrong.

No one knows anyone. We've been by a few times. We know people -- Joel Bagels, Freddie the Watch. His denture smile grows impossibly wide. Playing underground poker seems. Damon and Norton spent a couple of months touring the New York underground poker scene; and Damon, at least, said he wasn't tempted by the lifestyle.

And one of them like had a bullet hole through them, like it was shattered, and it was like he never got it fixed in the months that I went into this place. During one game, Worm tells two players to stop talking to each other in Russian.

  • Oddly, Teddy KGB's otherwise dingy club features chandeliers and some other beautiful lights;
  • You'll receive one lesson a day for four days;
  • You get to know the bad things about poker along with the good things," Griffin said.

The possibilities for cheating are obvious, and this scene is similar to what Levien and Koppelman observed in their underground travels -- players were speaking in Russian, and an argument ensued over the practice. Jay Lovinger, in an e-mail, tells me that during his recent visit to Vegas, he heard several players being warned because they were speaking to spectators in Russian.

Mike Matt Damon is an expert at reading "tells," and that serves him well. Brian Mulholland wrote about the English-only rule last year in Card Player magazine. A person speaking non-English during a hand might be sharing nothing more than a dinner recipe; the problem is the doubt and suspicion it produces in those who have no means to verify that fact.

Both Damon and Norton seem fairly comfortable with the cards. In the process of researching their roles, the two actors got seats in the World Series of Poker, and also toured the New York underground poker scene.

Luckily, I was bankrolled by the studio research department.

  1. Playing underground poker seems... Goliath storyline that draws people into the movie and to the game of poker.
  2. What makes Rounders so special is that this is what playing poker always feels like.
  3. Dwayne, ritualistic and future, reseals the handcuffs of his guildhall and his smart jejunely. Griffin, also a member of Team PokerStars Pro, says that that realistic depiction of the game is what helps Rounders draw people to poker.
  4. Goliath storyline that draws people into the movie and to the game of poker.
  5. Be that staying up all night in a poker game or collecting miniature figurines of Jason Statham.

Mike is an expert at reading "tells," and manages to keep a pretty good poker face himself. Damon took this part of his character seriously.

  1. There was a floor guy at the Mayfair in the beginning who wanted to be a pro, semi gave up and went to law school but kept playing, and finally disappeared from the scene.
  2. So why are these things in the movie?
  3. Grama advises Mike to either take it up with KGB, pay the remaining amount, or face a potentially fatal fate. The flop comes 67T, giving Damon the nuts.

Times, "so I wouldn't let my expression, or mannerisms, 'tell' another player what I was holding. You rarely see any cards other than the community cards. Although the lipstick cameras that reveal players' cards in televised poker seem to be a real draw, director John Dahl didn't think that would work in the movie.

You might think that the club manager, who makes a steady income off the "rake," wouldn't bother with playing -- too much of a gamble. But apparently, it isn't true of the underground poker clubs. Andy Bellin wrote about New York's underground poker scene in the Jan.

Looking back at Rounders

In the story, he describes playing in the "M Club," which is managed by Mickey "Chips," who Bellin says is "one of the best card players on the East Coast. The card games are populated by players with colorful -- almost cartoonish -- nicknames. That's the way it is. Bellin says he played with guys named "Tony Plugs" formerly known as "Tony Toupee," before his transplantand "Johnny California.

Most of the clubs are dark, poorly lit. But when you read a script about men playing cards, it seems as if it wants to be a darker, pools-of-light-over-the-tables sort of place, with all that traditional movie stuff. It becomes more like a pool hall. We simply decided to make a more dramatic statement and go with a darker, more atmospheric look.

A real card player looking at this movie will probably say, 'Oh, that's a little bit Hollywood. Oddly, Teddy KGB's otherwise dingy club features chandeliers and some other beautiful lights. It was a nice lighting device that created sparkles everywhere. Mike says, "Like Papa Wallenda said, 'Life is on the wire.

Pros Discuss Rounders' Impact on Poker

The rest is just waiting. Three Wallendas have died and one was paralyzed while performing their high wire stunts; Karl himself died in March, 1978 in a 120-foot fall from a high wire strung between two hotels in Puerto Rico. Mike watches a video of Johnny Chan winning the World Series of Poker; Chan is the symbol in the film of the ultimate player, and he also makes an appearance in the movie.

There's a good reason Chan is the icon of the ultimate professional: He is the last player to win back-to-back WSOP championships, in 1987 and 1988; and his consecutive wins were also the most impressive. Johnny Moss 1970, 1971Doyle Brunson 1976, 1977and Stu Ungar 1980, 1981 are the only others to have achieved the feat. Mike returns to Teddy KGB's club after his big defeat and long hiatus. While everyone knows about Bill Buckner's infamous error at Shea Stadium to give the Mets a win in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, few remember that Buckner not only walked into Shea two nights later, but also played a very good game.

In his first at-bat, in the first inning, he singled to right. Then, with Boston trailing 6-3, he led off the top of the eighth with another single to start a two-run rally, scoring on a Dwight Evans double.

He finished 2-for-4 with one run, while registering nine putouts and one assist at first base -- with no errors.

  • We've been by a few times;
  • It is not a cool thing to do;
  • Does your nitrogen mix without startup?
  • Johnny Moss 1970, 1971 , Doyle Brunson 1976, 1977 , and Stu Ungar 1980, 1981 are the only others to have achieved the feat.

It is not a cool thing to do. Besides being annoying especially as practiced by Teddy KGBit can be a method of cheating, as the chips are difficult, if not impossible, to count when sprayed in such a manner. Roger Ebert, writing in the Chicago Sun-Times, answered this question for a reader. If he breaks it to the side of his head, as if listening to it, he's got the cards.