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Death of a salesman linda loman a good wife

I have reached here at the Loman's family safely, and everything is fine so far. It has been a week since I have arrive here, and everyone is so kind, especially aunt Linda. I just meet uncle Will Loman few days ago, where he'd just arrive from the Yonkers from business, and he looked exhausted as hell.

I have some great news for you mother.

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Biff, who was staying at the Brooklyn home after being away for Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman 1218 words - 5 pages Linda Loman As time grows, a spouse becomes a soul mate, best friend, and lover all in one.

Linda Loman is the wife of Willy Loman, a man that treats her wrong but she still stands by his side. Linda is a vital character because she never has a low personality, she chooses her husband over Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman 1345 words - 6 pages well liked in Hartford but then says he is ignored and unnoticed most of the time.

This shows that he frequently uses self-deception to deceive himself about his success. The truth about his life however is close by and this drives him insane. Linda the wife and mother of the Loman house is no better than her husband. She likes to create illusions that their life is good and that she is content with it.

Linda Loman is a loyal and nurturing wife and mother and is the person who holds the family together. The other women in the play are wanton and pull the Loman family apart.

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Both types of women in the play hold a position of power over the pitiful men, whether it is as a matriarch or a whore. Willy, Biff, and Happy Loman all have a common weakness: His wife, Linda attempts to help him by continuos support and encouragement.

Although she knows he is distressed, she persuades him to believe he is successful and well-liked Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller 1344 words - 6 pages the occupation of a salesman we know his condemned fortune. I am tired to death. Where were you all day? The fact that those words come from Mr. Willy Loman as only his fourth line of many indicates that his death will come at some point in Willy Loman The Tragic Hero 858 words - 3 pages tragic hero, or the protagonist of a tragedy must possess some kind of optimism in he or she in terms of Miller's definition.

As seen in Loman's illusions, optimist is certainly part of Loman because he constantly dreamed of success and wealth, even before he committed suicide; he considered the insurance policies and its benefits to Linda and the boys after his death Biff and Happy.

She loves her family, even though she is all too aware of husband's faults and her sons' characters. She provides a sharp contrast to the seamy underbelly of the world death of a salesman linda loman a good wife sex, symbolized by the Woman and the prostitutes. They operate in the "real world" as part of the impersonal forces that corrupt. These flashbacks are generally during the summer after Biff's senior year of high school when all of the family problems began.

Willy has had an affair with a women he meets on sales trips and once caught by Biff. Now, Biff does not respect Willy and they do not get along. Willy eventually commits suicide so that Biff can have the insurance money to become successful with. Even though Linda suffers through an emotional rollercoaster, she still assumes the role as the loving wife and symbolizes the values of love and devotion to the Loman family.

In Death of a Salesman, Linda Loman is a woman torn between guilt, retaliation, and pity. She is wise, warm, and sympathetic.

She knows her husband's faults and her son's characters. For all her frank appraisals, she loves them. She is contrasted with the promiscuous sex symbolized by the Woman and the prostitutes.

Linda realizes, throughout the play, that her family is caught up in a bunch of lies. Linda is the only person that can fix the problem and she doesn't.

The first instance where Linda Loman serves as the family destroyer is in Act when Willy Loman comes home and tells her, "I suddenly couldn't drive any more. Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller that reveals that Linda is the classic enabler who indirectly causes the dysfunction in the Loman household. She could have tried and helped Willy get better, but instead she Other Popular Essays.