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A comparison of mattie ross in the film true grit in 1969 and in 2018

Her performance is the unexpected surprise of this movie. Too bad the promoters of this film didn't have the decency to add her name to the movie poster. After seeing an advance screening of the Coen brothers' True Grit earlier this week, I reflected upon other good movies I've seen this year.

  1. The territory is under U. Kim Darby portrayed Mattie.
  2. Portis' novel contains a great amount of humor, especially in the dialogue of the exchanges between the characters, and this is simply better captured in the version of the movie than in its predecessor.
  3. The novel True Grit is narrated by Mattie, an elderly unmarried woman, who recounts her teenage adventure.
  4. Robinson, Laura, et al. Robinson, Laura, et al.

Nevertheless, I can say without reserve that True Grit is easily the best movie I've seen in a very long time. No movie is made in a vacuum, and that's especially true of any remake. But it's even more true of True Grit.

  • In , Paramount Pictures released a second movie adaptation of True Grit, written and directed by the Academy Award—winning Coen brothers;
  • The release for the True Grit lended itself to the up and coming feminist movements;
  • Fans and critics did not warm to the change in actors or the plot, and no further sequels were made;
  • True Grit was first published and serialized in a much shorter form in the Saturday Evening Post;
  • June 29, , p.

This movie had haters from the moment that Joel and Ethan Coen announced they were making it. The original True Grit is not only associated with American icon John Wayne, but the movie became his only Oscar win in a career that spanned four decades.

I realize that the hardcore John Wayne fans among you can do that, but most who are reading this cannot. But let's be honest: John Wayne read Charles Portis' book and immediately started pushing for a movie staring himself as the federal marshal.

  1. The release for the 2010 True Grit lended itself to the up and coming feminist movements.
  2. In the Coen brothers adaptation they show Mattie emerging as a strong and triumphant women in the face of all the hardships she encounters. The movie garnered veteran actor John Wayne the first and only Oscar of his career for his portrayal of Deputy Marshal Rooster Cogburn.
  3. Mattie Ross is confident in herself and her abilities in a male dominant world.

While the Duke's portrayal is laudable, the screenplay was hastily written, and some of the other primary roles were poorly cast. It's no surprise that Glen Campbell is still better known for his singing than his acting. His portrayal of La Boeuf in the original movie becomes painful to watch as he delivers his lines with all the expression of a teenage actor in a bad high school play.

Supposedly, Glen Campbell was selected for the role so that there could be an opening theme for use as a popular song on the radio promoting the film. Of course, it could have been worse. Originally, Elvis Presley was considered for the role. While I enjoy Presley's music much better than Campbell's, I can't imagine he would have been a a suitable choice either. And clearly, Kim Darby, while a better actor than Glen Campbell, was simply not right for the role of year-old Mattie Ross.

Darby was actually 22 at the time. And while they tried to make her look much younger, she's never quite right. While she certainly captures Mattie Ross' determination, Darby does so with a little too much perkiness at times. She's simply not ever somber enough. And her boyishly short haircut, in retrospect forty years later, seems extremely out of place for a western taking place in The Coen brothers have insisted that they weren't attempting to remake the film as much as they were actually making a new adaption of Charles Portis' original novel.

Regardless of which movie version is better remembered decades from now, the Coen brothers have undeniably made a much closer adaptation of the book. The book tells the story in retrospect from a Mattie Ross who is much older, remembering the events that she fell into when she was no longer quite a a comparison of mattie ross in the film true grit in 1969 and in 2018, but also not quite yet a woman.

In the movie, Mattie is only the focus of the story until she meets marshal Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn. In that version, once John Wayne steps into the frame, the movie is clearly his until the final scene. While filming, he even told the crew"This is my show; you're just along for the ride! Everything in the movie is from Mattie's perspective. She every bit looks the part, from her long, braided hair to her ankle length black dress Kim Darby's version of the character wore gaucho-style pants, I suppose for easier horseback riding.

Steinfeld captures the spirit of Mattie Ross, somber and determined to bring her father's killer to justice. And while little Mattie Ross is looking for someone with "true grit" to help her track down her father's killer, Steinfeld's portrayal demonstrates to the audience that it is really Mattie who has the most grit of any of the characters.

Although this won't be considered Damon's most memorable part, he has enough acting experience to keep the portrayal authentic, even if I did feel that his Boston accent may have briefly slipped through once or twice. Certainly Jeff Bridges has seen a renaissance in his acting career recently.

His portrayal of Rooster Cogburn will continue to give momentum to his recent acclaim. Surely, it would be intimidating to most actors to even consider taking a role so closely associated with John Wayne. I thought about this long and hard, and I really can't imagine anyone from today's crop of actors besides Bridges who could have pulled this role off.

However, when we first see Bridges as Cogburn testifying in "Hanging Judge Parker's" courthouse, his delivery of dialogue was so very slurred that I wondered if he was going to be mostly unintelligible throughout the entire movie. Fortunately, though, having seen the version recently, most of his lines were familiar, and this allowed me to adjust my ears to Bridges' dialect. There is a striking feeling of authenticity to the settings, props and dialogue throughout the entire movie.

Careful attention has been given to every detail, much more so than the earlier version. Most of the actors' lines are taken straight from Portis' own novel.

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The particular and sometimes peculiar phrasings seemed to wash delightfully over me as I sat still waiting to hear every word of every sentence spoken. In fact, much of the dialogue that was also used in the first movie, simply makes more sense in the version of True Grit. The newer script has a much greater cohesiveness than the previous version. Of course, while the unique dialogue seemed perfect for a Coen brothers movie which I cannot adequately explain, but many of you will understandthere were a few times that the particular tone and enunciation seemed a bit more reminiscent of O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Surely this was a directing decision, but it may have been a bit overplayed at times. Yet those who are familiar, know that the movies made by the Coen brothers tend to carry a style of humor that is never overt, but yet almost always subtly present in nearly every scene. Portis' novel contains a great amount of humor, especially in the dialogue of the exchanges between the characters, and this is simply better captured in the version of the movie than in its predecessor.

  • Kim Darby portrayed Mattie;
  • This character alone is very rarely ascribed to female characters let alone 14 year old female characters;
  • The release for the True Grit lended itself to the up and coming feminist movements.

I won't give away the ending of the new version, but I will tell you that it's different than that of the first movie. The Coen brothers stay true to the novel.

Does the ’69 Version of ‘True Grit’ Even Compare to the Coens’?

The version may have stayed more true to a certain actor's ego no disrespect intended. Although Kathy and I saw this movie for free, I would gladly pay to see it in the theaters again something we rarely do anymore with the high cost of movie tickets. If you're one of the ones who feels as if it's almost an act against the sacred to remake this film, I urge you to set aside your cinematic piety. Westerns these days are few in the theaters, and good westerns even more rare. The version of True Grit is a welcome addition to the genre, even if it is a story we've been told before.

True Grit arrives in theaters nationwide on December